Photos/Videos FAQ

  1. What is the photos/videos feature in MightyText? In addition to syncing SMS text messages and MMS pictures messages from your phone to MightyText, you can now sync photos and videos that you capture on your phone to MightyText.
  2. How does it work? If you have MightyText installed on your Android phone, just turn on the feature (under the phone app settings or in the Photos/Videos settings in the web app), and any new photos and videos will sync instantly to your MightyText account.
  3. How do I get started? To try it out, click the Photos/Videos tab in MightyText web or tablet app. If you turn on the feature, we will start by syncing some recent photos and videos from your phone to MightyText. These should show up instantly if your phone has an internet connection. If you decide to keep syncing on, any new photo or video you take on your phone will sync to MightyText.
  4. Why do I need this? I already use Dropbox, Google Photos, etc. Tools like Dropbox are good for backing up and syncing files. We think that photo/video syncing & sharing among all your devices should be much easier and convenient. Many of our users are using MightyText daily to send/receive text messages. Being able to easily see and share photos from this same app will be useful to many people.

    Also, Dropbox and Google Photos aren't able to sync MMS (Picture Messages) like MightyText does.

  5. What about my picture messages (MMS)? Picture messages that you receive on your phone will also show in the Photos/Videos section of MightyText, even if you don't have the photo sync feature on. This is because MMS are already syncing in the messages section of MightyText, so we thought it would be useful for you to also see the picture messages alongside other photos/videos that you take on your phone.
  6. How do I turn it off? By default, the photo/video syncing feature is turned off. However, if you enable it and decide to pause/stop syncing, just go to the MightyText phone app or web app, under Settings, uncheck the Photo & Video Upload check boxes.
  7. What about Privacy? Is my content safe? Your photos and videos are stored securely in MightyText the same way we have been storing and syncing your text messages for years. It is secured with your Google account. We never share your content with anyone unless you specifically share photos.
  8. Who can see my photos and videos? Every photo and video that gets sync'd to MightyText is PRIVATE by default. We will never share your photo or video content with anyone without your consent and understanding. Ever.
  9. Can I organize my photos? Yes. You can organize your photos and videos into albums. You can also view auto generated albums of all your photos and videos taken today, in the past week, and in the past year.
  10. Can I share photos and videos? Sharing any photo or video that gets sync'd to MightyText is very easy. Just hover your mouse pointer over the photo/video, click Share, and you will see a link that you can share via email, SMS, Twitter, IM, etc. You can also share each of the albums you create. Only people who have access to this link can see your content.
  11. Can I "un-share" photos or videos? Yes, just click the small 'x' in the Share button and that photo/video will immediately become private again. To un-share an album, just click the "Unshare album" button in the album page. Any previous share link for that content will no longer work.
  12. I use the MightyText tablet app to text using Android tablet. Does the new photo feature work with the tablet too? Yes. Photos and videos from your phone get uploaded to MightyText, and you can see these on the MightyText table app. In the future we will also enable you to sync photos and videos that you capture on your tablet to MightyText.
  13. Can you sync my existing photos and videos from my phone? Yes. In the MightyText web and tablet apps, you can upload older photos and videos from your phone. You can do this in the Photos/Videos Setting options.
  14. Does this use my Mobile Data plan? It can, but you can also set the option to have it only sync over Wi-Fi. You can change this in the MightyText Android phone app's settings.
  15. I only want to sync photos, but not videos (or vice-versa). Is this possible? Yes. You can set your preference in the MightyText phone, web, or tablet app settings.
  16. How much storage space do I get? MightyText users on the free plan get 5gb of storage space. MightyText Pro users get 100gb of storage space.
  17. I have more questions. How do I contact you? Here :)